The Dydoe Piercing

A piercing session usually goes like this:

1. The client signs a contract with the studio about the upcoming procedure.
2. The piercer examines the selected part of the body and selects the individual jewelry. Irritating conditions can be found too (i.e. veins).
3. The entry and exit holes are marked.
4. The length of the jewelry will be measured again (calculate with swellings!).
5. Entry and exit sopts will be cleaned and disinfected.
6. When possible a clamp will fix the part to be pierced.
7. Now the body will be pierced with a coated, hollow needle (canulla).
8. The needle is pulled out while the tube stays in.
9. The tube will be cut and prepared to recive the jewelry.
10. Jewelry is inserted in the remaining tube.
11. While the tube is slowly pulled out, the jewelry will be pushed inside.
12. Finally the pierced part will be cleaned and disinfected again .
13. Smile :)

Here is the procedure: (Thumbnails - click to enlarge):

dydoe Entry and exit were marked

dydoe Needle is set

dydoe *push* needle is in and already coming out on the opposite side

dydoe Needle pulled back out - tube remains

dydoe Cutting of the remaining tube

dydoe PTFE-barbel is inserted in the tube. Tyrosur gel will improve the slide-in effect

dydoe tube out - PTFE-barbell in.

dydoe tightly screw the closure ball

dydoe Aftercare - Octenisept to disinfect

dydoe Finished !!

All pictures of this session can be found here.